Unmercyful Personalized Bestiality

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Independent
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR0088
Year: 2007


Black Death Metal from one of the most amazing Brazilian Band”.


Black Death Metal de una de las bandas brasileñas más increíbles “

1. Challenging the Heavens
2. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus
3. Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy
4. From the Heaven to the Thriumphant Kingdom on Earth
5. Embracement of Eternal Darkness
6. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus (live) 5
7. War over the Promised Land… (live)
8. Bestial March’s…The Attack (live)
9. The Final Prophecy
10.Insurrection of Christianity 04:04
11.The Eyes of the Ripper



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