Backyard Mortuary

Backyard Mortuary
Lure of the Occult

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Version: 12" Vinyl
Label: Blood Harvest
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DISTROVYN004
Year: 2013


Formed in 2002 (two prior demo releases in 2002 and 2005), Australia’s Backyard Mortuary stepped up in 2012 and released this foul platter of death metal. Through their own efforts, they were able to spread the plague of their disgusting music. “Lure of the Occult” is 43 minutes of death metal done the traditional way…with great riffs, putrid vocals and just the right amount of atmosphere which will have you wondering why it took this band 10 years to puke out this amazing full-length. Get it now!.


Formado en 2002 (con dos demo en 2002 y 2005), los australianos Backyard Mortuarydan un paso al frente en 2012 y lanzó este asqueroso disco de death metal. Gracias a sus propios esfuerzos, pudieron propagar la plaga de su música repugnante.“Lure of the Occult” es 43 minutos de death metal hecho de la manera tradicional … con excelentes riffs, voces pútridas y la cantidad justa de atmósfera que hará que te preguntes por qué le tomó a esta banda 10 años vomitar este increíble completo -longitud. ¡Consiguelo ahora! .

1. Last Rites
2. Beyond the Grave
3. Mutation
4. Diseased
5. Deprivation

6. Macabre Butchery
7. Lure of the Occult
8. Demon’s Blood

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