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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Independient
Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Type: Full-Length

Availability: 66
Catalog: DTR2382
Year: 2018


Fourth LP by Chileans Soulinpain, a vibrant mix of Thrash and Death Metal, with clear influences from Execraor, Torturer and Archenemy, a powerful proposal


Cuarto larga duración de los chilenos Soulinpain, una mezcla vibrante de Thrash y Death Metal, con claras influencias de Execraor, Torturer y Archenemy, una propuesta potente

1. The Adversary
2. Resilience
3. The ritual of the Snake
4. Rebellion
5. No son tus tierras
6. Intolerance
7. Disharmony system
8. Nación salvaje
9. The Fall of hope
10. Blood in my hand
11. No Future




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