Nekriki Mistagogia

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Lower Silesian Stronghold
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full-Lenght

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Catalog: DTR0285
Year: 2011


Six stark new tracks form “Nekriki Mistagogia”, the new DCM of this Greek band that plays the wildest, most ruthless and primitive black metal that you can throw at your face, very much in the vein of bands like Beherit, Von or Archgoat, violent and misanthrope like few others ..


Seis crudísimos nuevos cortes forman “Nekriki Mistagogia”, el nuevo MCD de esta banda griega que practica el black metal más salvaje, despiadado y primitivo que te puedas echar a la cara, muy en la onda de bandas como Beherit, Von o Archgoat, violento y misántropo como pocos.

1. Call to War
2. The Beginning of the Fall
3. The Search for a Glorius Death
4. Nekriki Mistagogia
5. The Day Who the Gods Will Marching Again to Earth
6. Nekropobi




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