Ordinil Negru

Ordinil Negru

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Version: Digipack
Label: Loud Rage Music
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR2554
Year: 2019


Ordinul Negru’s fourth full-length album, initially released by Banatian Darkness in digital format back in 2008, Lifeless is now remastered and released on Digipak CD format, with different artwork, yet keeping the same underground, misanthropic atmosphere that first made it noticed among the fans of the genre.


El cuarto álbum de larga duración de Ordinul Negru, lanzado inicialmente por Banatian Darkness en formato digital en 2008, Lifeless ahora se remasteriza y se publica en formato de CD Digipak, con diferentes ilustraciones, pero manteniendo la misma atmósfera subterránea y misantrópica que primero hizo que se notara entre los fanáticos del género.

1. Wolves from the Ancient Forest 06:40
2. Return to the Lifeless Paths 05:10
3. Warewolf 03:52
4. Eve Tales 03:15
5. The Cold Spirit Arouse from a Forgotten Soul 03:47
6. Morbid Prophecy 09:27
7. Serpent’s Promise 09:16
8. Snow Covers the Blood of the Warrior 07:42
9. Dark 04:52 Show lyrics
10. Hammer Crushing Bodies 07:04
11. Through the Frosted Wood to the Sacred Sign of Despair 05:59




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