Lapsus Dei

Lapsus Dei
Beyond the Truth

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Rawforce Productions
Genre: Doom Metal
Type: Full-Length

Availability: 11
Catalog: DTR0753
Year: 2005


Romantic and melodic doom metal with a nod to early Katatonia and Rotting Christ. True beauty and gothic atmosphere.


Doom metal romántico y melódico con un guiño a los primeros Katatonia y Rotting Christ. Verdadera belleza y ambiente gótico. .

1. Echoes of Death
2. The Repentant Priest
3. The Whore
4. Raices Perdidas
5. Neereh
6. El silencio de mi dolor
7. Feeling the Death
8. Grimness
9. Last Lament
10. The True Face of God
11. Blasphemy




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