Factory Tapes

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Artarias
Genre: Thrash Metal
Type: Compilation

Availability: 20
Catalog: DTR2663
Year: 2021


With members of Pentagram and Necrosis, compiled that for the first time includes their only two demos, plus a live show on Necrometal 2 .


Con miembros de Pentagram y Necrosis, compilado que por primera vez incluye sus dos unicos demos, ademas de un show en vivo en Necrometal 2.

1. Power Fiend
2. Circle of Misery
3. Darkening
4. Fake Sunday
5. Frozen Times
6. The Hand of Fear
7. Darkening II
8. Power Fiend (live)
9. Circle of Misery (live)
10. Let it loose (Savage cover) (live)
11. Frozen Times (live)




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