Killing on Adrenaline

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Disembodied
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR2818
Year: 2022


Killing on Adrenaline is the legendary second album from one of the US’ most renowned death metal killing machines! Now repackaged with liner notes from the band, expanded art and photography, and two previously-unreleased bonus tracks!.


¡Killing on Adrenaline es el legendario segundo álbum de una de las máquinas asesinas de death metal más famosas de los EE. UU.! ¡Ahora reempaquetado con notas de la banda, arte y fotografía ampliados, y dos pistas extra inéditas! .

1. Killing on Adrenaline 05:33
2. Procreate the Malformed 07:05
3. Fornication Terrorists 05:25
4. We Are Your Enemy 03:44
5. Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog 01:15
6. Absolute Defiance 03:52
7. Judgement Day (Integrity cover) 01:50
8. Intentional Manslaughter 05:30




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