Diabolical Messiah / Swarm of Terror

Diabolical Messiah / Swarm of Terror
Embrace the Advance of Victory

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Apocalyptic Productions
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Split

Availability: 23
Catalog: DTR0735
Year: 2013



Alliance between two southamerican nowadays well known black death metal hordes ! Bestial and immense attach on the christian rites with intense blasphemy ! Satanic Death Metal in the Southamerican way..


¡Alianza entre dos hordas de death metal negro sudamericanas hoy en día! ¡Un apego bestial e inmenso a los ritos cristianos con una intensa blasfemia! Satánico Death Metal a la manera sudamericana.

1. Diabolical Messiah – Chaos in the Supreme Battle
2. Diabolical Messiah – Internal Defiant Discipline
3. Diabolical Messiah – Evoking the Diabolical Attack
4. Swarm of Terror – Embrace the Blasphemous Rebellion
5. Swarm of Terror – Transformation of Wrath into Obscurity
6. Swarm of Terror – The Greatest of the Horns and the Unholy Victory



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