Dead Bodies in the Morgue

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Memento Mori
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR1230
Year: 2013


Compilation of both their demos plus live/rehearsal tracks..


Compilado con sus dos demos mas temas en vivo y ensayos .

1. Morgue of Cannibalism
2. Funeral Feast
3. Drowned in Sewage
4. Suicides
5. Dead Body Art
6. Human Lust
7. Dying Agony
8. Carnal Mutilation (live)
9. Severed Infant Waste (live)
10.No Way to Live (live)
11.Oozing Child (Necro-E cover) (rehearsal)
12.Charred Remains (Autopsy cover) (rehearsal)
13.Fiend for Blood (Autopsy cover) (rehearsal)



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