Mince Core History 1996-1997

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Selfmadegod
Genre: Grindcore
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR1112
Year: 2008


The fourth installment of the amazing Selfmadegod series featuring hard to find songs from long out of print seven inches, “Mince Core History 1996-1997” is certainly the most obscure and raw sounding part of the entire “Mince Core History” series! A must have for every fan of Agathocles and fan of good, old fashioned grindcore!.


La cuarta entrega de la increíble serie Selfmadegod con canciones difíciles de encontrar de siete pulgadas de larga duración, “Mince Core History 1996-1997” es sin duda la parte más oscura y cruda de toda la serie “Mince Core History”! ¡Imprescindible para todos los fanáticos de Agathocles y fanáticos de los buenos y viejos grindcore .

1. Stained
2. Will to Kill
3. Didn’t Ask
4. Twisting History
5. Media Creations
6. Hormone Mob
7. Fragments of a Time to Come
8. Bastard Breed We Don’t Need
9. Jack’s Life
10.We Pay
11.Politicians’ New Years Wishes
12.Criminalisation of Strange Behaviour / A Start at Least
13.Trust? Not Me!
14.He Cared
15.Consuming Endoderm Pus
16.Progress or Stupidity
17.A for Arrogance / Lay Off Me
18.Birds (Poem) / Agarchy
19.Doctors Whished Me
20.Who Cares?
21.Knock Back
22.Is There a Place?
23.Is It Really Mine?
24.Artificial Intelligance
25.Society of Steel
26.War Machines Rolling On
27.Computer Phobia
28.Libidinous Urges
29.Hate, My Mate
30.Pyramid of Hierarchy
31.Ode to Insects
32.Old Show
34.Bio-Industry Fucked Up Humanity
35.Macho Crowd
36.Just Injust
37.I Thought
38.Full of Hatred
39.Denying Identity
40.Cheers Mankind Cheers
41.Earth 2500
42.Their Excuse
43.No Gain Just Pain
44.The Sin I Regret
45.Insufferable Being
46.Do All the Sick Experience Healing?
47.L’Ardoise vierge

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