Mince Core History 1989-1993

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Selfmadegod
Genre: Grindcore
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR1108
Year: 2001


After years Selfmadegod Records unveil follow-up to Agathocles’ Mince Core History 1985-90 and 1989-93 series third chapter of hard-to-find, sold out 7″-releases from one of the most respected and dedicated grind/mince/punk bands. Collection of 44 songs in total compiling recordings from 1993 to 1996 such as classic splits with ROT, BAD ACID TRIP, CARCASS GRINDER, BLACK ARMY JACKET, PATARENI, PLASTIC GRAVE, SMASH THE BRAIN and PUNISHER. To make it more tasty the disc includes famous “Back To 1987” and “Mincemongers In Barna” seven inches + material of DRAWBACK and POMTERRA – two old bands of Dirk and Roel as well as some live versions from your favorite AG-songs. Simply all time great socio-politically charged mince-core/grind butchery in its purest, rawest, most distorted and harshest form + 12 page booklet with liner notes, lyrics, discography and biography.


Después de años, Selfmadegod Records revela el seguimiento del tercer capítulo de Agathocles ‘Mince Core History 1985-90 y 1989-93 series de publicaciones difíciles de encontrar y vendidas de 7 “de uno de los más respetados y dedicados grind / mince / punk Colección de 44 canciones en total compilando grabaciones de 1993 a 1996, como divisiones clásicas con ROT, BAD ACID TRIP, CARCASS GRINDER, BLACK ARMY JACKET, PATARENI, PLASTIC GRAVE, SMASH THE BRAIN y PUNISHER. incluye el famoso “Back To 1987” y “Mincemongers In Barna” de siete pulgadas + material de DRAWBACK y POMTERRA, dos bandas antiguas de Dirk y Roel, así como algunas versiones en vivo de tus canciones AG favoritas. Simplemente siempre genial con carga sociopolítica mince-core / grind butchery en su forma más pura, más cruda, más distorsionada y más dura + folleto de 12 páginas con notas, letras, discografía y biografía. .

1. The Truth Begins Where Man Stops to Think
2. Sentimental Hypocrisy
3. Kill Your Fucking Idols
4. Birds (Poem) / Agarchy
5. Go Fucking Nihilist
6. Hatred Is the Cure
7. No Use….. (Hatred)
8. An Abstract s
9. Black Ones (Poem) / Systemphobic
11.Intro ‘Sheep’ / Non-Conformity
12.Miks Haluat Tapella
13.Cynical Weirdos
14.Hippie Cult
15.Provoked Behaviour
16.Anti-Death Part 1
17.Anti-Death Part 2
18.Anti-Death Part 3
19.Sieg Shit
21.Hideous Headchopping
22.Bigheaded Bastards
23.Get Off Your Ass
24.Distrust and Abuse
25.Throwing Away Crap
26.Floeren Aap
28.Fashion Scene
29.Intro ‘Hail to Japan’
31.Fake Friend
32.Splattered Brains
33.Catch the Fishhook
34.Faded Novelty
35.Senseless Trip
36.Here and Now
37.Is It Really Mine?
40.Bigheaded Bastards
41.Sieg Shit

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