Unaussprechlichen Kulten

Unaussprechlichen Kulten
People of the Monolith

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Version: Digipack
Label: Mushantufe Productions
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

Availability: 2
Catalog: DTR2009
Year: 2016


Reissue in digipack format with two extra songs from the second work of these worshipers of the myths of H.P. Lovecraft. Powerful, dark, demonic, brutal and addictive Death Metal..


Reedición en formato digipack con dos temas extras del segundo trabajo de estos adoradores de los mitos de H.P. Lovecraft. Death Metal poderoso, oscuro, demoníaco, brutal y adictivo.

1. Intro: H.P.L. Wake Up in Walpurgisnacht
2. Almonsin-Metraton
3. Cultos sin Nombre
4. Ritual Monolith of Tsathoggua
5. Nekros Nomos-Eikon
6. Cultes des Goules
7. Liver Ivonis
8. Outro: H.P.L. Back to Leng
9. Conflict Within (Sadistic Intent cover)
10. Demoniac Possession (Pentagram Chile cover)




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