Die in Pain

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: PRC
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR2608
Year: 2018


The new TORTURER album… Its dark, gritty, it got that fabulous vibe of the mid 80’s, with lots of referencie to sound of old Kreator and Infernal Majesty, as if played by the guys from Hellhammer listening to some old 7” by Venom before being hit by a sledgehammer known as Death (The band)’s “Zombie Ritual” if Chuck would have had Teutonic roots instead of Californian and known a Gunter Schuldiner..


El nuevo álbum de TORTURER … Es oscuro, áspero, tiene esa vibra fabulosa de mediados de los 80, con mucha referencia al sonido del viejo Kreator e Infernal Majesty, como si lo tocasen los chicos de Hellhammer escuchando un viejo 7 ”. por Venom antes de ser golpeado por un mazo conocido como “Zombie Ritual” de Death (The band) si Chuck hubiera tenido raíces teutónicas en lugar de californianas y hubiera conocido a un Gunter Schuldiner.

1. Intro 04:05
2. Die in Pain 03:05
3. Kill City 04:49
4. Crypt of Fogotten Souls 04:20
5. Schizo 03:44
6. Torturer 03:35
7. Chemical Fear 03:15
8. Nocturnal Hell (Slaughter cover) 03:31
9. Apostasy 04:13
10. Hell Train 05:06




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