Human Dissociation

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Version: Jewel case
Label: Australis Records
Genre: Dearth Thrash Metal
Type: Full-Length

Availability: 200
Catalog: AUSCD165
Year: 2021



ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! one of the most aggressive and violent act of OSDM with mixed of Raw Thrash, really the new blood from Chile is one of the mos interesting and hungry of metal. With clear influences of Death, Possesed, Slayer the exact mixture between technical and agressiveness .


ARRRRGGGGHHHH !!!! uno de los actos mas agresivos y violentos de OSDM con mix de Raw Thrash, realmente la sangre nueva de Chile es una de las mas interesantes y hambrientas de metal. Con claras influencias de Death, Possesed, Slayer la mezcla exacta entre técnica y agresividad . . . .

1. Mentally Condemned 03:27
2. Adenochrome 03:58
3. Archons 03:43
4. The Panopticon 04:18
5. Cognitive Dissonance 05:17
6. Inner Agony 03:58
7. The Unreality Extinction 03:05
8. Misotheism 06:21
9. Oniric Parasite 03:35
10. Human Dissociation 04:08

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