Blast from the Past

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: }Khaaranus Productions
Genre: Grindcore
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR1830
Year: 2006


German grind core legend is back with new collection CD. Prepare for stuffs taken from 7″EP w/ EXHUMED, 7″EP w/ ENTRAILS MASSACRE, 7″EP w/ AGATHOCLES, 7″EP “negligenced respect”, 7″EP “the tomb of grind”. This is a collection of all non-album releases by Nyctophobic, released in December 2006 on Khaaranus Productions


La leyenda alemana de grind core está de vuelta con la nueva colección de CD. Prepárese para cosas tomadas de 7 “EP w / EXHUMED, 7” EP w / ENTRAILS MASSACRE, 7 “EP w / AGATHOCLES, 7” EP “respeto negligente”, 7 “EP” la tumba de la rutina “. Esta es una colección de Todos los lanzamientos que no son álbumes de Nyctophobic, lanzados en diciembre de 2006 en Khaaranus Productions

1. Narrowed Minds Bleeding
2. Sterility
3. Neglect of the Loss
4. Earthrise
5. Rapid Eye Movement
6. The Pain of a Conquered Being
7. Denial 01:04
8. The Remaining Silence
9. Inner Manipulation
10. Deceiver (Napalm Death cover)
11. The Kill (Napalm Death cover)
12. Mindrape
13. Negligenced Respect
14. Responsibilites
15. My Soul’s Lament
16. Suffer Life
17. The After-Life Experience
18. Far Beyond Reality
19. Opening of a Dark Chapter (Intro)
20. Seeds of Morbidity
21. Bloodfeast
22. The After-Life Experience
23. Negligenced Respect
24. My Souls Lament
25. Far Beyond Reality
26. The After-Life Experience
27. Sterility




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