The Complete Demography 1994 - 2005

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Version: 12" Double Vinyl
Label: Animate Records
Genre: Grindcore
Type: Compilation

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Year: 2018


One of the sickest Animate Records releases so far! A very ugly, dirty and disgusting one to be honest, so be warned!!! What can you await? There are 35 very rare pearls from LIVIDITY, such as the ultra rare promo tape from 1994 as one man project, the split with MORGUE FETUS from 1995, the unreleased ‘Ritual of Mortal Impalement’ sessions from 1995, tracks from several split EPs, some rare live stuff recorded in different countries, an awesome ‘Pussy Lover’ live edition from the Illinois Metalfest 2004 featuring Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE on vocals, rehearsals for ‘Used, Abused and Left for Dead’ and an unknown studio track from 2003!!!! Of course you ll get a sick artwork, done by all LIVIDITY’s artists. Furthermore the record contains liner notes from Dave Kibler and lots of rare and seldom photos, LIVIDITY flyers, tickets and posters. .


¡Uno de los lanzamientos más enfermizos de Animate Records hasta ahora! Uno muy feo, sucio y asqueroso para ser honesto, ¡así que ten cuidado! ¿Qué puedes esperar? Hay 35 perlas muy raras de LIVIDITY, como la cinta promocional ultra rara de 1994 como proyecto de un solo hombre, la separación con MORGUE FETUS de 1995, las sesiones inéditas de ‘Ritual of Mortal Impalement’ de 1995, pistas de varios EP divididos, algunos material en vivo raro grabado en diferentes países, una increíble edición en vivo de ‘Pussy Lover’ del Illinois Metalfest 2004 con Shaun LaCanne de PUTRID PILE en la voz, ensayos para ‘Used, Abused and Left for Dead’ y una pista de estudio desconocida de 2003 !! !! Por supuesto, obtendrás una obra de arte enfermiza, realizada por todos los artistas de LIVIDITY. Además, el registro contiene notas de Dave Kibler y muchas fotos raras y raras, folletos, boletos y carteles de LIVIDITY.

1. Mortal Impalement 05:35
2. Altar Pieces 05:15
3. Graveyard Delicacy 01:03
4. The Urge to Splurge 01:39
5. Food 02:09
6. Process of Disembowelment 00:39
7. Feasting on Mankind 00:56
8. Immortal Impact 01:18
9. Exhume Faith 01:18

10. Devour Humanity 01:10
11. Tampered Flesh 01:34
12. Immortal Impact (live rehearsal) 01:16
13. Food (live rehearsal) 02:11
14. Graveyard Delicacy (live rehearsal) 00:59
15. The Urge to Splurge (live rehearsal) 01:12
16. Tampered Flesh (live rehearsal) 01:34
17. Suffocation by Shrinkwrap 00:24
18. Bled like a Stuck Pig 00:15
19. Let’s Eat! 00:06
20. Orifice Reconstruction (live) 03:10
21. Brains for Lubrication (live) 02:41

1. Sodomy Ritual (live) 03:34
2. Bloody Pit of Horror (Impetigo cover) 03:12
3. The Urge to Splurge 00:58
4. Stench of Virginity 03:28
5. Coated with My Semen (live) 04:17
6. A Woman’s Place Is on My Face (live) 03:26
7. Snack Size Tits (live) 00:56

8. Randomly Raped Rectum (live) 01:53
9. Process of Disembowelment (live) 01:07
10. Pussy Lover (live) 04:05
11. Raped for Rent (rehearsal) 03:21
12. Exhibition of Carnage (rehearsal) 02:47
13. Cumming of the Trilogy (Pussy Lover pt. 3) (rehearsal) 03:16
14. Deviant Pleasures (studio test ’03) 03:00

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