Invocation Spells

Invocation Spells
Spread Cruelty in the Abyss

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Genre: Black Thrash Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR2477
Year: 2018


There’s simply no stopping INVOCATION SPELLS. One of the hottest bands in the shit-hot Chilean black/death scene, this diabolical duo continues to unleash one punishing slab of filth ‘n’ fury after another, each one more concise and crushing than the next. Spread Cruelty in the Abyss follows hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed The Flame of Hate. Like that predecessor, Spread Cruelty in the Abyss wastes absolutely no time in igniting a sulfurous conflagration from the first few notes…except this time, it’s more quickly apparent how daresay catchy INVOCATION SPELLS have become.


Simplemente no hay forma de detener a INVOCATION SPELLS. Este dúo diabólico, una de las bandas más calientes de la escena Black/Death chilena, sigue desatando una losa de inmundicia y furia tras otra, cada una más concisa y aplastante que la siguiente. Spread Cruelty in the Abyss sigue los pasos de la aclamada crítica The Flame of Hate. Al igual que ese predecesor, Spread Cruelty in the Abyss no pierde absolutamente ningún tiempo en encender una conflagración sulfurosa a partir de las primeras notas … excepto que esta vez, es más rápidamente evidente cuán osados se ha vuelto INVOCATION SPELLS .

1. Ruins of Cemetery
2. Rotting Sacrifice
3. Victims of Doom
4. Torment of Obssessor
5. Old Rites
6. Spread Cruelty
7. Obscure and Evil
8. From the Graves



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