Incinerator / Pure Massacre

Incinerator / Pure Massacre
The Second Death

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Version: Digipack
Label: Putrid Cult
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Split

Availability: 2
Catalog: DTR2571
Year: 2020


Brutal split with the Poland Incinerator and the Argentinian Pure Massacre for fans of Christ Denied, old Pungent Stench, Disastrous Murmur and other Death Metal lunatics. Brutality to the top.


Brutal separación de Polonia Incinerator y Argentina Pure Massacre para los fans de Christ Denied, el viejo Pungent Stench, Disastrous Murmur y otros lunáticos del Death Metal. Brutalidad hasta la cima.

1. Incinerator – Incinerator (Slaughter cover) 02:47
2. Incinerator – Morbid Carrion 03:22
3. Incinerator – Tormented Guts 03:11
4. Pure Massacre – The Second Death 03:34
5. Pure Massacre – Primitive Torture 04:39
6. Pure Massacre – Desolation Nightmare 04:28




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