Congregation Pestilence

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Krucyator
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR0147
Year: 2021


8th full length from the USA death metal band Drawn And Quartered. A brilliant album from the beginning to the end, only think in Immolation with more technical and fast.


Octavo larga duración de la banda estadounidense de death metal Drawn And Quartered. Un disco brillante desde el principio hasta el final, sólo piensa en Immolation con más técnica y rapidez. .

1. Death’s Disciple 04:49
2. Age of Ignorance 03:27
3. Oblivion Pilgrimage 02:58
4. Proliferation of Disease 05:10
5. Dispensation (Rise of the Antichrist) 03:51
6. Six Devils (Trepanation) 03:31
7. Carnage Atrocity 03:51
8. Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing) 05:25
9. Congregation Pestilence 05:14




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