Devour the Unborn

Devour the Unborn
Consuming the Morgue Remains Re-Issue

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Amputated Vein Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

Availability: 2
Catalog: DTR1392
Year: 2014



Devour the Unborn from El Paso brings down the purest TXDM slams that are crushing and guaranteed to mutilate anything in its way. Blast beats to head banging slams. Re-issued Consuming The Morgue Remains with a new song as bonus track.


Devour the Unborn de El Paso derriba los golpes más puros de TXDM que son aplastantes y garantizan mutilar cualquier cosa en su camino. Explosión que late a tu  cabeza golpeando golpes. Consuming The Morgue Remains es uan reedición  con una nueva canción como bonus track.

1. Bitch in a Ditch
2. Dissected Inhumation
3. Gorging on Abortions
4. Womb Full of Maggots
5. Compulsive Meatcleaver Amputation
6. Slaughter Morgue
7. Cloning Deformed Cadavers
8. Reanimated with Torture
9. Horrendous Ingestion of Putrescent Offals



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