Deadly Scythe

Deadly Scythe
Celestial Darkness

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Apocalyptic
Genre: Death / Thrash Metal
Type: EP

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Catalog: DTR2628
Year: 2021


DEATHLY SCYTHE continues their proud unholy Chilean tradition of Ancient Death Metal and is currently plying their trade in Germany. 5 tracks of unadulterated Death Metal with strong references from the first Possessed LP + 1985-86 Sepultura era and 1 cover track from Swiss Godz Samael.


DEATHLY SCYTHE continúa su orgullosa y profana tradición chilena de Ancient Death Metal y actualmente está ejerciendo su oficio en Alemania. 5 pistas de Death Metal sin adulterar con fuertes referencias del primer LP Possessed + era Sepultura 1985-86 y 1 pista de cover del suizo Godz Samael .

1. The Opposites 05:06
2. Evil Magick 03:43
3. Lucifer’s Manifestation 06:13
4. Rite of Cthulhu (Samael cover) 01:43
5. Black Conquest 06:14
6. Abysmal Kingdom of Stars 03:36




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