Hibernum in Perpetuum

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Version: Double CD
Label: Tyrannus Records
Genre: Doom Black Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR1214
Year: 2011


The Ultimate Reissue of the Bewitched’s debut album is finally available! The cult mid 90s Black Doom masterpiece, Hibernum In Perpetuum, was remastered from the original sources and released on a double CD plus the Bewitched’s whole previous recordings, including all of their demos (1991-1994) and the split lp 1993 previously released by Warmaster Records. .


¡El álbum debut de Bewitched finalmente está disponible! La obra maestra de culto Black Doom de mediados de los 90, Hibernum In Perpetuum, fue remasterizada de las fuentes originales y lanzada en un doble CD más todas las grabaciones anteriores de Bewitched, incluidas todas sus demos (1991-1994) y la división lp 1993 previamente lanzada por Warmaster Registros..

Disc 1

1. Intro
2. Candles of Doom
3. Winter Tears (Snökrystaller)
4. Demon’s Gate (Candlemass cover) / Danse du roy
5. Semitarius / Saltarello
6. Fate’s Prophets
7. Gothicus (Bledd i vinter)
8. Serene Sorrow
9. Last Breath
11.Hibernuum in Perpetuum (Intro)
13.Souls Tears
14.Serene Sorrow
15.Tard il mio cor

Disc 2

1. Winter Tears
2. Candles of Doom
3. Last Breath – The Last Song
4. Fate’s Prophets (live)
5. Damnation
6. Semitarius
7. Gothicus Chapter
8. The Goddess of Fate
9. Pauperem Mortis
10.Winter Night
11.Serene Sorrow
13.Souls Tear
16.Winter Winds
17.The Goddess of Fate
18.The Epic God’s Crusade
19.Tears of Feelings



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