Aura Hiemis

Aura Hiemis
While the Rest of the World Sleep...

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Version: Longbox Digipack
Label: Endless Winter
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR0279
Year: 2010


2nd album of Chilean gothic doom band by ex-member of Mar de Grises. Their music is emotional melodic doom with the mixture of heavy guitars, symphonic synth sounds, and impressive melodies.


2º álbum de la banda chilena de gothic doom del ex miembro de Mar de Grises. Su música es un destino emocional melódico con la mezcla de guitarras pesadas, sonidos de sintetizadores sinfónicos y melodías impresionantes.

1. V Demonae
2. Chained & Bonded
3. Whispers in the Dark
4. Made to Lose It All
5. A Morning to Fade Away
6. Божественное вмешательство
7. Sponsa Obscuritas



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