Atomic Aggressor

Atomic Aggressor
Rise of the Ancient Ones

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Rawforce Productions
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR0597
Year: 2008


Classic Chilean Death Metal cult band: includes the demos + 3 track never released before. a must for all the maniacs into old school Death Metal!..


Banda de culto clásica del Death Metal chileno: incluye el primer demo + 3 nunca antes lanzada. Una visita obligada para todos los maníacos del Death Metal de la vieja escuela. .

1. Beyond Reality
2. Bleed in the Altar
3. Bloody Ceremonial
4. The Session
5. Bloody Ceremonial
6. Twilight Spectres
7. The Spell of Necronomicon
8. The Hallucination
9. Unholy Temple
10. Resurrection



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