The First Day with No Sun

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Version: Double CD - Jewel Case
Label: Armé de la Mort
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR1491
Year: 2012


ACARUS SARCOPT performs Black Metal inspired by DISSECTION, ENSLAVED, AT THE GATES, BATHORY, DEATH, EMPEROR, ULVER… By the way, the album ends with an ENSLAVED cover song. The second CD is made of all the band’s demos, as well as the “Steckt Wie Ein Nagel” demo when they were still called L’OMBRE DU SACCAGE (which also featured ASMODÉE members). This double CD presents the complete first part of ACARUS SARCOPT’s discography.


ACARUS SARCOPT interpreta Black Metal inspirado en DISSECTION, ENSLAVED, AT THE GATES, BATHORY, DEATH, EMPEROR, ULVER … Por cierto, el álbum termina con una canción de ENSLAVED. El segundo CD está compuesto por todas las demos de la banda, así como la demo “Steckt Wie Ein Nagel” cuando todavía se llamaban L’OMBRE DU SACCAGE (que también presentaba a miembros de ASMODÉE). Este doble CD presenta la primera parte completa de la discografía de ACARUS SARCOP.

1. The First Day with No Sun
2. Gathering of the Unvirtuous Ones
3. I, the Last One You’ll See
4. Upon the Void
5. The Alpha Crime
6. What Lurks in the Shadows
7. Howls of Thousand Seas
8. To Death – Part I
9. To Death – Part II
10.As Fire Swept Clean the Earth (Enslaved cover)

1. Ode à l’immolé
2. Ambiance
3. Gemeinheit !
4. Low-Cama
5. Inoculate the Revolt
6. Oppressive Burning Times
7. Slumber Karmic Visions
8. Sur le ponton de la création
9. Reflections of the Opaque
10.Stone Wild
11.Factories of Roar
12.Born in Echoes
13.Sing for the Fallen
14.Serpent 9

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