Abomination Continues

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Ablaze
Genre: Death Black Metal
Type: EP

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Catalog: DTR2594
Year: 2018


Abominablood is an obscure entity from Argentina that plays a suffocating blend of Death Metal and Bestial Black metal that sears forth with unrelenting aggression yet maintains an eerie and evil atmosphere. Caustic vocals echo forth and saturate this MCD, setting a violent and disturbing tone with a distinct mythological theme.Fans of Teitanblood and Archgoat to modern beasts like Svart Crown and Desolate Shrine will surely find enough and more to sink their teeth into. 8 tracks of unearthly death and disaster mesmerize the unwary listener and ominously leads them towards their inevitable doom..


Abominablood es una entidad desconocida de Argentina que toca una sofocante mezcla de Death Metal y Bestial Black metal que arde con una agresión implacable pero mantiene una atmósfera inquietante y malvada. Las voces cáusticas resuenan y saturan este MCD, estableciendo un tono violento e inquietante con un tema mitológico distintivo.Los fanáticos de Teitanblood y Archgoat hasta bestias modernas como Svart Crown y Desolate Shrine seguramente encontrarán suficiente y más en lo que hincar el diente. 8 pistas de muerte y desastres sobrenaturales hipnotizan al oyente desprevenido y lo conducen siniestramente hacia su inevitable perdición.  .

1. Intro – Inverted Triangle Formation 02:12
2. Pentagram of the Seven Dimension 05:40
3. Black Reverend 02:53
4. PZZU (Sacrifice and Transmutation) 04:00
5. The Influence of Kali – Ma Sacrament (Intrelude)02:29
6. Beast of Another World (TSHUP AKLATHEP) 03:35
7. Funeral Doctrine (The Antichrist Pride) 04:10
8. Cult of Abomination 02:54
9. Knell and Bathed in Bloodc of the Earthly Karmas (Outro) 04:09




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