Various Artist

Various Artist
The Cult of Necrodeath

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Black tears of Death
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR2427
Year: 2017


“The Cult of NECRODEATH” is the title of tribute CD dedicated to Italian legendary blackened thrash metal band. NECRODEATH themselves take part with an unreleased bonus track.


“The Cult of NECRODEATH” es el título del CD tributo dedicado a la legendaria banda italiana de thrash metal ennegrecido. Los propios NECRODEATH participan con un bonus track inédito.

1. Death Mechanism – At The Mountains Of Madness
2. Malignance – Mater Tenebrarum
3. Damnation Gallery – At The Roots Of Evil
4. Killers Lodge – The Creature
5. E-Force – Master Of Morphine
6. Fog – Red As Blood
7. Barche A Torsio – A-e Reixi Do Mà
8. Cadalso – Thanatoid
9. Hornhammer – The Flag Of The Inverted Cross
10. Path Of Sorrow – Smell Of Blood
11. Septem – Process Of Violation
12. Necrobreath – Eucharistical Sacrifice
13. Schizo – Enter My Subconscious
14. Necrodeath – The Cult Of Shiva




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