Demons Black Metal Demons

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: American Line Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Compilation

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Catalog: DTR0237
Year: 2011


The Black Metal demos 1994-2004″ CD includes: – demos I & II (1990, 1991 & 1992) – demos III (2003) – demos IV (2004) 33 tracks, over 70 minutes of dirty thrash black metal with bizzarre touches ! Dirty Thrash metal. .


El CD de demos de Black Metal 1994-2004 “incluye: – Demos I y II (1990, 1991 y 1992) – Demos III (2003) – Demos IV (2004) 33 pistas, más de 70 minutos de black metal sucio de thrash con toques bizzarre! Dirty Thrash metal.

1. Words of Doom
2. World at War
3. The Arena Agenda
4. Universal Norm of Doom
5. War Celebration
6. Cold Forest of Doom
7. Lower Worlds Intervention
8. Black Doom
9. Desolation Valley (Intro)
10.Priceless Whores
11.Curse of the Dominant
12.The Last Days
13.Kill the Ghost
14.Bitches from Hell
15.Will Never See It
16.(Outro) Olmecas
17.Cutting Heads (Intro)
18.Kali Punishment
19.Eating Their Victim’s Flesh
20.Victim’s Blood Celebration
21.Human Sacrifice
22.Hell Andhatamisr
23.After Death There’s No Rest
24.Conditioned Souls
26.Lower Planetary System
27.Hellish Planets
28.A Description of the Hellish Planets
29.Hundreds and Thousands of Hellish Planets
30.Screams from Hell
31.Sex Indiscriminatelly
32.Sinful Position
33.Saintly Whore



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