Napalm Raid

Napalm Raid

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: PRC Music
Genre: Grindcore
Type: Compilation

Availability: 5
Catalog: DTR1466
Year: 2015


Canadian d-beat crust punk kings NAPALM RAID is releasing all of its vinyl and limited releases on one CD through PRC MUSIC. All of the band’s current studio work is avalable on this limited edition CD. A must for fans of DISCHARGE, DOOM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR..


NAPALM RAID está lanzando todos sus vinilos y lanzamientos limitados en un CD a través de PRC MUSIC. Todo el trabajo de estudio actual de la banda está disponible en este CD de edición limitada. Una visita obligada para los fanáticos de DISCHARGE, DOOM y EXTREME NOISE TERROR. .

1 Disfigured
2 Drowning
3 Living Breathing Dead
4 Soon The End
5 Endless Walls
7 Nothing Solved
8 Run Like Hell
9 Selfish Life
10 The Essence Of War
11 Mindless Nation
12 Why?
13 In Conspiracy With Satan
14 When The Innocent Die
15 Free Yourself
16 Trail Of The World
17 To Serve And Arrest
18 Misery (Bastard)
19 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
20 Dead Cities
21 Means For War
22 Something To Lose
23 Brainwash
24 Tomorrow’s reality




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