Pain Amplifier

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Version: 12" Vinyl
Label: Nuclear Winter Records
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DISTROVYN084
Year: 2010


16 years after it’s first release, finally a vinyl version with completely new artwork and design approved by the band plus insert with lyrics and liner notes. Crushing Death Metal Blackness from Finland!!!


16 años después de su primer lanzamiento, finalmente una versión en vinilo con arte y diseño completamente nuevos aprobados por la banda más inserto con letra y notas. Crushing Death Metal Blackness de Finlandia !!! .

1. In the Beginning… (of the Intro) 01:11
2. Hung on the Wings 04:15
3. Unreal Moon 04:25
4. In Veiled Language (true version) 03:11
5. The Pain Amplifier 03:35
Side B

6. A Song by the Way 04:07
7. Verses in the Fire (heavy version)04:48
8. The Last Orgy 01:09
9. Strange Things Happen at Night 05:38
10. …the End (of the Outro) 01:32


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