Rebellion and Opposition

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Australis Records
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full-Length

Availability: 200
Catalog: AUSCD072
Year: 2015



Rotten and violent Black metal, with themes loaded with satanism and blasphemy, attentive to the followers of the crude soniod of Dark Throne and Marduk, this album should be part of your invocation rituals


Putrefacto y violento Black metal, con tematicas cargadas al satanismo y la blasfemia, atentos a los seguidores del crudo soniod de Dark Throne y Marduk, este álbum debes ser parte de tus rituales de invocación

1. Born from Satan’s Blasphemy
2. The Art of Church Burning
3. El Inefable Rey del Infierno
4. Speaking the Ancient Language
5. The Army of Fire
6. Mutilate a Christ
7. I Invoke Your Name
8. To the Deepest Abyss
9. Eradicating the Christianity

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