Tuo Da Gloriam Satan

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Version: A5 Digipack
Label: Australis Records
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: AUSCD032
Year: 2012



One of the best Chilean Blackened Death Metal album, 35 minutes of profanity and riff that will send you straight to hell


Uno de los mejores album de Blackened Death Metal chilena, 35 minutos de blasfemias y riff que te enviaran derecho al infierno

1. Tuo da Gloriam Satan
2. I Descend
3. Your God Is a Lie
4. Necromaniac
5. Altar of Burning Flesh
6. Evokation
7. The Scream of the Sleeper
8. Voodo Life
9. Delirium




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