Trading Pieces

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Cano Metal
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR2806
Year: 2022


Trading Pieces is a Deeds Of Flesh trademark opus but original amongst the discography. A 30 minute masterstroke brutally heavy, lightning-fast with mind-bending labyrinthine riffs that twist and turn and never, ever repeat. Although the complexity would skyrocket on later releases, Trading Pieces is definitely complex, technical, and maddening in many ways.


Trading Pieces es una obra registrada de Deeds Of Flesh pero original entre la discografía. Un golpe maestro de 30 minutos brutalmente pesado, rápido como un rayo con riffs laberínticos alucinantes que giran y giran y nunca, nunca se repiten. Aunque la complejidad se dispararía en versiones posteriores, Trading Pieces es definitivamente complejo, técnico y enloquecedor en muchos sentidos.

1. Carnivorous Ways 03:42
2. Born Then Torn Apart 02:09
3. Trading Pieces 02:50
4. Hunting Humans 02:44
5. Impious Offerings 03:00
6. Acid Troops 03:41
7. Deeds of Flesh 02:57
8. Erected on Stakes 01:59
9. Chunks in the Shower 02:29
10. Blasted 02:17
11. Outro 02:33




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