Noodles Killer

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Thanathology
Genre: Thrash Metal
Type: EP

Availability: 4
Catalog: DTR2976
Year: 2008


Arghhhh brutal and fast Retro Thrash Metal from China. With clear influence by Violator, Farscape, Death Raiser and many other retro thrash bands from Brazil..


Arghhhh brutal y rápido Retro Thrash Metal procedente de China. Con clara influencia de Violator, Farscape, Death Raiser y muchas otras bandas de retro thrash de Brasil..

1. Intro 00:46
2. Rise of Corruption 03:55
3. Beer Steel 03:16
4. Addicted to Mosh (Violator cover) 03:20
5. Rise of Corruption 03:55




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