Unholy Union

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Version: Jewel Case
Label: Secret Port Records
Genre: Pagan - Folk Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DTR0769
Year: 2009


1st album from ’09 by this interesting greek band that mixes an Epic Folk Metal with traditional instruments and Neoclassical Dark Wave elements that includes three male vocalists and two sopranos..


1er álbum del ’09 de esta interesante banda griega que mezcla un Epic Folk Metal con instrumentos tradicionales y elementos de Neoclassical Dark Wave que incluye tres vocalistas masculinos y dos sopranos .

1. In the Vineyards of Dionysus
2. The Wrath of the Hekatonkheives
3. Aegean Blue (Poseidon’s Realm)
4. The Dance of Kouretes
5. Enslaved (A Slave’s Odyssey)
6. Hellas Eternal
7. Ulysses Before the Gates of Hades (Necromantia)
8. Taurokatharpsia (Horns of Power)
9. Areth kai Pomh
10. Talos Unleashed
11. The First Faun (Song of the Elder)
12. The Son of Amon Ra (Intro)
13. The Son of Amon Ra



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