Denying Nazarene

Denying Nazarene
Possessed by the Light and Deception

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Version: 12" Gatefold Vinyl
Label: Heavy Shit Music
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full-Length

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Catalog: DISTROVYN038
Year: 2014


Down tuned riffs, Buzz saw- like solos, Monolith rhythms, deep range hellish vocals, all these elements gave form to one of the most solid releases of the year: Denying Nazarene ́s Possessed by the Light and Deception. Emphasizing his anti-Christian message, this new release incorporates a nihilistic tone to his lyrics, which acquires deeper dimensions thanks to the original design by Xaay Loranc. Prepare to be subverted, this new album gives to anti-Christianity a new name..


Riffs afinados bajos, solos como motosierra, ritmos monolíticos, voces profundas del infierno, todos elementos que han dado forma a uno de los lanzamientos más sólidos del año: Possessed by The Light and Deception, de Denying Nazarene. Enfatizando su mensaje anticristiano, esta nueva entrega incorpora un tono nihilista a sus letras, que adquiere dimensiones más profundas gracias al original diseño de Xaay Loranc. Prepárate para ser subvertido, este nuevo disco dará al anticristianismo un nuevo nombre. .

1. The Root of Weakness
2. Deceit Through Faith
3. God’s Fucking Slag
4. The King Is Losing His Crow
5. Possessed by the Light and Deception

6. A Nun’s Pleasure
7. Infected by Messiah
8. Hating the Doctrine
9. Poisoned with Impurity


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